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Meet Our Dream

Our team consist of many talented people who are dedicated artist of many artistic field such as 2D, 3D, Animator, Concept artist, and even Developers and Programmers. Energy and humor that keeps us together.

User Reviews

Everyone is very helpful and co-operative. can't wait to work more with VawWorld

Carol Bell

User Reviews

I love the way everyone is Discipline about deadlines.. 5 Starts from me !!

Susan Hansen

User Reviews

Pipeline is Smooth and very transparent and the staff are very supportive and understand my company's need.. My experience with Vaw World Animation studio is excellent

Justin Williams

Career at
Vaw World

We love to have a good time together while Creating amazing animations and Video games. Keeping in mind every-one at VawWorld are dedicated to include good communication between artist and technical people here. our supportive staff are always there to feed their curiosity and bringing the gaps little closer between Art and technology.